Theodore Algood


Age: 42
Status: 6
background event: Was held hostage by the Freys for a time before family ransomed him back.
Goal: Restore the house
Motivation: Power
Virtue: Cunning
Vice: Arrogance

At age 42, Theodore Algood has only recently inherited the title of Lord from his father, Peter Algood. Peter was slain along with his brother, Rychard, and Rychard’s wife Anyan by the murderous members of House Proudspire when they tried to reclaim the lands they lost to the Algoods after the Blackfyre Rebellion when. First, the Proudspires weakened the Algood’s lands by hiring bandit troupes to attack the smallfolk and pillage their lands. This in combination with a potato disease that killed many of their crops, left the Algoods all but helpless when the Proudspires attacked and took the bannerhouse occupied by Rychard Algood.

These events have left the Algood family in dire straits, and unless something is done soon, the Algoods will be permanently undone. Theodore will not let this happen. He will do what it takes to destroy the Proudspires and raise his house back to it’s rightful place.

Theodore Algood

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